Iceland: Ice, Ice, Baby


2 years ago, I spent 24 hours in Iceland and it was one of the coolest days of my life. This week we spent 48 hours in Iceland and it was even better than the last time. We met Hannah at the Baltimore airport and I was super happy because 1. I hadn’t seen her in 2 weeks, which felt like forever and 2. My best friend was about to join our family vacation, so how could I not be super happy?? When we took off, I was so excited that I teared up a little… yes, that happens occasionally. We landed at 5:00am in Iceland, met Kaitlin in the airport,  got our rental van, and that’s when the party started.

When we got our giant van (it’s basically a bus), we started driving around and we got lost (typical). We pulled into a parking lot to look at a map, and that’s when Dad realized he didn’t know how to put the van in reverse. It was almost too hilarious for that early in the morning and we thought we were going to be stuck in a dead end forever.

Luckily we were able to figure it out and go into Reykjavik for the day. I have so many pictures from these 2 days, but I tried my best to narrow it down…


It is the cutest city and almost every building is painted a bright color!


We were starving by about 11:00, so we ate at our favorite cafe. We went there when we were there two years ago, and I have been waiting to go back ever since. The inside is so cute. Grilled cheese and tomato soup never tasted so good…

After lunch we were all exhausted. We convinced my parents that it was absolutely necessary to drive to our hotel and take a 2 hour nap. I’ve never slept so hard or well in my entire life. We all woke up and felt like it was a new day! Safe to say there were no regrets on the nap…

After our little nap, we went to the Blue Lagoon. There is nothing I can really compare it to because there is really nothing like it. It’s a geothermal spa,  the water is really warm, and they give you silica mud mask to put on your face. It’s pretty neat.


As you can see, we look super attractive with mud mask on our faces…


Here’s a picture of Jeff being Jeff. I am aware that he appears to be naked in this picture, but I can assure you that he is not.


We went to the Blue Lagoon on my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary. I can only hope that on my 25th anniversary, I will be cool enough to be traveling somewhere around the world with my kids and their friends 🙂

 After we left, we drove to the water and watched the “sunset”. It was 11:00pm and it never actually got dark, but it was so pretty.


This was about as dark as it got all night!


I love this picture of Theo because he looks like a little model, but the real reason he isn’t smiling is because he shoved an entire Oreo into his mouth seconds before this picture…


Our toes were frozen in this picture. Flip flops were a mistake.

The next day, we got up early and drove the golden circle…Yay for more pictures!!


Oh, look… it’s my best friend sitting on the cutest bridge with the most beautiful backdrop ever! Here’s a story about this bridge though… You can’t see it, but there is one board missing from this bridge. When we were walking back down, Helen and Hannah were behind me. I told Helen to watch her step and about 1 second later I heard a loud noise. I looked back and Hannah had fallen into the hole from the missing board… I don’t know how her body got into that position, but it looked like it really hurt… After she got out and I knew we weren’t going to have to cut her leg off or anything, I couldn’t help but laugh! She was the last person I expected to fall though the bridge, so anyways… there’s a picture of Hannah sitting on the bridge before she fell through it…


We took a wrong turn, but it was okay because we saw these cute sheep and the old shipwrecks that are way out in the background.


Moral of the story: Do go chasing waterfalls.


Another one because I really love my mom and little sister 🙂


This was one of the many highlights of my day. I made my family pull over on the side of the road because I was dying to pet an Icelandic horse. We actually pulled over twice… This picture is from the second time, which is why I am a little more calm. Also, don’t ask about my hair because I don’t know.


This whole country is amazing… There is black volcanic rock everywhere, there is moss all over the rocks, tons of shrubs, volcanos, mountains, geysers, millions of purple lupins, a sun that never sets in the summer, waterfalls, glaciers, sheep, and Icelandic horses. At one point on the drive, we all fell asleep in the backseat. When we woke up, we were lost… again… but it was the funniest thing and we couldn’t even be upset about it. There is no place I’d rather be lost. If you ever find yourself lost in Iceland, consider yourself lucky. This country is unreal and definitely one of my favorites. 10/10 would recommend. I’ll let ya know if we feel the same way about Ireland in a few days 😉