End of 1st Semester!!

First semester this year was so busy and I pretty much did homework 99% of the time (which is why I am 4 months behind on here…), but I met the best people in my classes. I’m mostly just putting some of my favorite pictures from the fall in this post.

Kaia’s 21st Birthday!

Wedding dress shopping with Kat over Fall Break!


Hurt’s Donut 5k in Lincoln

Joey’s 21st birthday!! He is not the best at being patient, especially when it comes to food, so that explains why he is rolling his eyes that I had to take a picture

Rilee and I went to Arbor Day Farm for a day to pick apples. It was actually one of the warmest days this fall and I was way too hot in my sweater.

I am kind of obsessed with doing seasonal activities, so this was very exciting for me.

Ever since I learned that this barn existed, I wanted to take a picture of Rilee in front of it. She will probably have a mural like that on the side of her house one day. And one that says “RECYCLE”. She is leaving for Australia in February and I am so sad that she won’t be in Lincoln, but I am so excited to hear about all of the adventures she has there.

Dining Out #3

Thanksgiving break in Pennsylvania, New York, and Virginia started with a rainy Penn State game

Papa showed us the view from his “office”. We each got a turn riding in the tractor with him. We were in the same field that he worked in as a teenager. He wants a video made to the song “International Harvester” hahaha


This pretty much sums up how my mom feels about Jeff’s constant shenanigans…

On Thanksgiving, we were in Virginia 🦃 Last year I talked about how excited I was for Thanksgiving for at least 2 months, but this year I started celebrating Christmas in October, so I was very excited to set up 2 trees over break

After Thanksgiving, the last few weeks of the semester flew by. They included…

Thomas Rhett concert!

Nebraska basketball games!

Decorating my room for Christmas!


And finishing a semester of Kindergarten practicum! With my favorite practicum parter

Yay for another semester done ✔️