Big Island, Hawaii🌴

I’m a little late on getting this up because of school, but Helen and I got extremely lucky and we got to go to Hawaii with our aunt, uncle, and cousins who live in California. The best part was that we didn’t make plans to go until about 2 weeks before, so it was kind of like a surprise vacation. I had been trying to find my way to a beach for awhile, so I had no complaints about spending my last week of summer on the Big Island.

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View from our bedroom balcony

One of my favorite things was that I woke up early every morning (and got to look at this view from our bed!!) because of the time change and I got to sit out outside and read. I decided I like waking up early in the morning… As long as I’m not tired 😉

We also loved morning walks on this lava trail that looked out over the ocean

We saw several of these little guys INSIDE our house

On the first day we got there, Helen snorkeled in the pool😂 Cutest snorkeler I’ve ever seen

We had access to a neighborhood pool called the Grotto. It was one of the prettiest places I’ve ever seen and we had it to ourselves every time we were there

Helen celebrated her 12th birthday in Hawaii with a brownie sundae and coffee ice cream (her favorite)

Hawaiian ice is the type of food that I eat once and crave for at least a year after… seriously


The stars were amazing because the Big Island is a “dark island” because of the observatory

I don’t know if I have ever seen such clear ocean water before. It was pretty amazing

I usually don’t like swimming in the ocean or wearing goggles, but I knew I would’ve been missing out if I didn’t swim

The truth is, I really can’t float at all and this is the closest I will probably ever get. If this were a video it would not look cool at all because it would show how much I was really struggling😂

These girls really should’ve been born as twins. They are absolutely inseparable and they are the definition of “two peas in a pod”

Uncle Jeff, Michael, Owen, Helen, and I went parasailing in Kona. We got to go up 1,200 feet and the guide told us thats about as high as you can go anywhere. This adventure is how my GoPro got lost. I know I can buy a new one eventually, and I am sure I will, so I didn’t let myself get too sad about losing it. It is just a thing and it can be replaced. We were in Hawaii and I had better things to do than think about my GoPro… Like the fact that I had just been attached to a boat by a rope and flying 1,200 feet above the ocean… or that I was in Hawaii…

This whole post is kind of a picture overload, but I love them all


We took a day to go to Volcanoes National Park


The night Helen and I left, we got to see the first half of Jack’s football game against a school that had a perfect ocean view from their field. That might be the only time I ever get to see him play a high school game, so that was really cool.

We took a redeye to LAX and then we flew home to Colorado. Helen had no problem taking a little nap in the airport 🙂

On our second flight, we flew over the Grand Canyon

This isn’t a great picture, but it is one of the only ones we took together. I loved every moment that Helen and I got to spend together because it is very rare that I get to be with just her. My little sister is getting so old, so I want to spend as much time with her as I can before she grows up and realizes she is way too cool to be hanging out with me. I also realized while I was typing this that I need to take as many pictures with her as possible before she is taller than me and I look like the little sister…

We had a such a great time on this trip and we are so thankful that Aunt Jane and Uncle Jeff were willing to bring us along. Hawaii is the only state I have been to before that I wasn’t old enough to remember being in, so being there on this trip felt like the first time for me. I have been back at school for almost a month now, but I am still wishing I was in Hawaii. It was a dream and I can’t wait to go back…