Germany, Denmark, Sweden

The last part of our trip was spent in Germany, Denmark, and Sweden. We spent a few relaxing days in Germany, visited Anne and went to Labori (a week long festival with music, food, rides, and shops), saw our Great Great Aunts who still live in Germany, and went to Marieke’s house for dinner, before we went to Denmark for the weekend. We stayed in an airbnb outside of Copenhagen. When we got to the village where the house was, we were a little confused because everyone parked their cars in a parking lot and walked to their houses… Then we got to our house, which was very cute on the outside, but when we walked in, Jeff saw a spider within the first minute. Something you should know is that Jeff is terrified of spiders ever since he got a bad spider bite a year ago… the spider sightings continued for the whole three days we were there and Jeff only begged to sleep between Hannah and me once. Also something that should be noted is that when we walked in the house, there were 2 plastic Tupperware containers on the kitchen table with a note that said, “Please do not kill the flies… Catch and release”… So that was entertaining for about a day, but then we started having contests to see who could kill the most. The village had a really cute park with a soccer field, zip line, trampolines, and pond and all of the people living there were very friendly. A neighbor came over to see if we needed help with anything and she asked us how we liked the eco-village… when we found out is was an eco-village, the fly catching, the no car rule, the compost bins, and the spiders all made more sense. For the record, I do not support keeping flies or spiders living inside a house. No, thank you.


DSC_0049 DSC_0050DSC_0833 (1)

That nice decorative bowl in the middle of the table was actually a compost bowl…


We thought about getting one of these for the house


We drove into Copenhagen for a day and the 6 “kids” walked around alone for most of the day and Mom and Dad walked around on their own. We went to the Little Mermaid Statue, to Freetown Christiania, past Tivoli Gardens, by the water, and through 9 miles of streets. Theo wore his slides the whole entire day and we had to stop and wait for him to rest his feet because they hurt from walking so much. It rained for pretty much the entire day and we were soaking wet. I don’t remember the last time I was in the rain for such a long amount of time. Theo and I were walking next to each other and we were talking (I guess you could call it complaining…) about how wet we were and how our fingers were pruney and how we couldn’t even look up at the view because rain would go in our eyes. About two seconds later, we walked past a brown paper bag that was soaking wet on the ground and it said “It’s a good day” on it. It was the best reminder and I have thought of those 4 words every day since! Who would’ve though that a soggy paper bag would be so inspiring? We even laughed when a lady tried to dump a bucket of water on us from her apartment… Joke’s on her because we were already wet.

DSC_0843 DSC_0845 DSC_0852 DSC_0879

One of the many breaks Theo took for his feet

DSC_0883 DSC_0892 DSC_0936

Theo after Jeff pushed him down this wet hill


Between the slides, the bird that pooped on him, sliding down the hill, and getting this beautiful scrape, Theo was killing it

DSC_0906 DSC_0925

Take a look at this fit man riding his elliptical/paddle board around the water

We drove across a super long bridge to Sweden. The bridge was very impressive and we maximized our time on it because we had to pay a steep toll to go across… 108 Euros to be exact. And 54 Euros on the way back because we got lucky and they made a mistake. We went to Malmö and went to the beach. It was a little chilly, but we put our feet in the Baltic Sea. Helen got all the way in the water, but after I saw a jellyfish, I was too nervous. I’m still scarred from our experience in Italy. We went to Lund and walked around for a few hours and got lunch before taking the bridge back to Copenhagen for the rest of the evening to go on a boat ride.

DSC_0956 DSC_0975

Helen, fully submerged in ankle deep water

DSC_0976 DSC_0991 DSC_1001

I was using her as my model for the day and she was clearly over it

DSC_1005 DSC_0026

On our way home (to Germany) from Denmark, we stopped to see Peter and Vera and baby Jakob! We had a short visit with them at their house. The last time we saw them, they were getting married and now they have a cute little baby 🙂 We spent some time back at  the Thiele house and went to Wuppertal and rode the suspension railway with Anette before heading to Frankfurt where we stayed on our last night in Germany. We will miss adventuring through Europe, but we are excited to be heading home to sleep in our own beds!