Italy: Italian driving, Italian food, Italian cities

On our drive from Switzerland to Italy, we drove past Lake Como. The roads were super narrow and the people there drive like crazy. We told dad it was too obvious that we weren’t from there because he wasn’t cutting enough people off or honking his horn whenever he felt like it. After that, he started driving down the middle of the road and honking his horn every few seconds, so that we seemed experienced.

We drove to Milan and got there early enough to walk around at night. We had been in the car all day, so we walked around the fashion capital in our tshirts and running shorts.


We walked up the stairs from the subway station and this is what we saw. It is unreal

The next day Kira took the train from Vincenza, where she is on vacation with her Grandma, to Milan. We finally found her in the train station and then we got to spend a full 24 hours with her!!


We got pizza for lunch because we wanted to culture ourselves 😉 Not all of us looked this good while we were eating it




In the square by the cathedral there were guys throwing bird seed around to attract all of the pigeons. Kira was chasing them and trying to catch them and we were telling her how gross she was. The guy came over and put the bird seed in her hand and she became a bird lady…


It was really gross, but I felt like it was necessary to try since it’s not every day that I’m in Milan with the chance to feed pigeons. I don’t know what I was expecting it to feel like, but pigeon claws feel disgusting… I was standing there screaming in the middle of the square causing a huge scene as pictured below.




That night, we drove to Vincenza and we were going to stop by the house Kira was staying at, so she could pick up a few things, but it was dark when we got there and Kira was navigating us. We got a little lost and Kira couldn’t figure out where we were and finally she said “It looks different here when its dark… I don’t need my stuff”, so we just went to our hotel. Hannah, Kira and I all stayed in one room. We usually only have sleepovers before sunrise hikes, but we made an exception for Italy 🙂


A little stop at Lake Garda on our way to Vincenza


In the morning, we dropped Kira off and drove to Venice. It was pretty crowded in Venice and it is definitely a popular place to go, but it was one of the most unique places I have ever been. We walked through so many alleys and over so many canals. I think you could walk around that city for a week and not walk through the same alley twice.


That would be Jeff in the background…



While we were in Venice, we actually stayed at Aviano Air Force Base, which is about an hour away. It was so nice there and if any one in the Air Force wants to get stationed somewhere really awesome, this would be the place to go. We had to drive back and forth, but it was fine because the rooms were nice and Dad is a professional Italian driver now.


Bucket list item: ✓


One day were supposed to meet Mom and Dad at a boat dock. When we talked to them before they left, they weren’t sure if they were going to meet us in line, or if they were going to get on the boat at a prior stop and already be on the boat when it got there. We had to sit in line for awhile and while we were sitting there, Han and I got pooped on by a bird. The boat was about to come and we were getting a little nervous because there was no sign of our parental units and they had our tickets… When the boat got close enough to the dock that we could see it, we saw dad leaning off the edge of the boat yelling to us and waving… If you know our dad, you can picture this happening. If you don’t, just trust me it was funny.

We took the boat to Lido where we went to the beach. It was so fun, but Hannah and I both got stung by jellyfish… It was our lucky day.


Still smiling because a bad day in Venice is still a great day 🙂

On our last day in Venice, we took the boat to Burano. We were’t sure if it would be worth the trip, but it definitely was. Every house on the island was a bright color. It  looks so happy there!


How could you ever go home sad if your house was one of these colors??



Milan and Venice are 2 cities that I had never been to before, so I’m excited that I can finally check them off of my list! Kaitlin flew home to California from Venice and our group is feeling tiny these days. We miss the days when our car was packed with 11 people in Dublin. Just kidding… we like all the space we have, but we do miss the people.