East Coastin’

After 26 hours and several dance parties in the car, we made it to the east coast and have been here for over a week now! We got to spend time in New York and Virginia with our grandparents and cousins. We have done a lot in the last 10 days, but I will try my best to keep it short.

Britt, our favorite professional soccer player, is playing for the Western New York Flash and we got to go see one of her games! She even got to come to Grandma and Papa’s house for the weekend 🙂


We have really missed watching her play and having her live in our house.

One night, we went and got ice cream at Watts and then we went to Lake Ontario to watch the sunset. I brought my new camera and I am obsessed with it… Plus, how could anyone take a bad picture when the view looks like this???




It would seriously be impossible to take a bad picture.

We went to Letchworth State Park! We had never been before and it is so pretty and green. I am weirdly fascinated by how many trees there are here… They are just so different than in Colorado! I’m also super unamused with the amount of bugs and humidity on the east coast…


We made an “Amazing Race” game for the kids to play at Grandma and Papa’s house. We had them running through the fields, all around the property, writing poems, podding peas, and eating popsicles as fast as they could. Pure entertainment for the kids and for those of us who were watching 🙂


Oh yeah, and we had them eat a plate of whipped cream with no hands.


In this event they had to run five laps, but after every lap, they had to eat a popsicle. This was on the first lap, and Theo and Jeff are probably in the middle of yelling “anything for the W”…

We drove to Virginia, and let me tell you, 7 hours in the car feels like nothing these days. For the last few days we have been hanging out in the “penthouse”, watching tons of soccer, and pretty much living at Top Golf. We got to see all of Dad’s high school friends and we also got to see Holly and Russell. We miss them a lot, too. We need all these people we love to move closer to Colorado…


Top Golf is awesome, but it is a very public place for me to be swinging a golf club…

We celebrated Theo and Jeff’s 13th birthday… I officially have teenage brothers, so thats scary, but I sure do love them!


They love pictures…

Last thing. I promise. If you actually read this far, you deserve to hear this story. My brothers have long boards and they are super good. Sometimes, I think I want to learn how to ride/think that I have the coordination to ride… The boys were long boarding and everyone was outside watching them (literally everyone…)  and I asked Theo if I could try. He told me no, so obviously I tried it anyway… I was going super slow and it’s kind of hard to explain, but somehow I flew off. I landed on my butt and hit the ground so hard… I have a bruise, so that should be super comfortable every time I sit down for the next week… Oh and Theo didn’t even help me up… He laughed at me, took the board, and walked away. It was quite the reality check and karma… I apologize for not having a video to share.


We watched sunsets, had campfires, ate s’mores, told stories, rode bikes, played golf, saw old friends, and had a really simple and laid-back week with family. It is almost time for this part of our trip to come to an end and for us to go on our next adventure… This time by plane 🙂