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On February 24th my Papa passed away. He had been very sick for a few weeks and my mom was able to be there with him and my Grandma. He was one of my favorite people. I am actually pretty sure he was a favorite of every person he came across. I am so lucky that I had so many chances to spend time with him during my life and those are the memories I am going to hold on to now that he is gone. He was a man who believed in being kind, doing the right thing, working hard, being humble, making family a priority, and never growing up. He was the best example.

He and my Grandma were married for 54 and a half years and anyone who has talked to me about them knows that I hope to have a marriage just like theirs one day. My cousins and I remember one time that Papa left the house and Grandma was disappointed that he forgot to kiss her goodbye. A few minutes later he walked back in and said “I forgot to kiss you goodbye!”. They were so lucky to have a marriage where goodbye kisses were still the expectation up until the very end. I will always remember the story about how he picked my Grandma up in a cattle truck on their first date and fell asleep while they were at the drive-in movie. Thankfully, she saw something in him after that date.

He retired from his job as an electrician several years ago, but he never truly retired. He always found work to do and spent the last few years helping family on the farm. Besides being with his family, driving the tractor is what made him the very happiest. When we were in New York in November, Papa took us to the fields and took us to see “his office”. He took us each for a ride in the tractor and I am so thankful that we got to spend that day with him. I knew when the two of us were riding in the tractor and I was listening to him tell me stories that I was going to hold on to them for a long time.

He was someone who appreciated the simple things in life. He was never in a rush when he was driving (usually across the country to visit family) and he always enjoyed the view. He would sit by the campfire for hours, want to go to the lake to watch the sunset, and sneak cookies before dinner. Some of my favorite times with him were feeding horses apples in Canada with him, being surprised (every year) when we lived in Virginia and he and my Grandma would surprise me on my birthday, going to the gravel pit with him, any time he would let us drive the lawn mower when we were little, riding on the tractor with him, and all of the family trips Grandma and Papa joined us on. He really knew how to make everyone he came across smile and he always found a way to joke around.

 It is really hard to believe that it was his time to go because it happened so quickly, but I know that is how he would have wanted it to be because he was able to do everything that he loved up until the very end. As hard as it is to believe that he isn’t here anymore, I know that God needed him in Heaven more than we needed him here, which is pretty incredible. I know that my family is so lucky that we got to spend as much time as we did with him. I am so comforted knowing that he is in Heaven watching over all of us now and that he will get to be with us all of the time instead of only some of the time. Everyone who knows me knows that I love looking back on pictures, but there has never been a time that I have loved them more. I wanted to put some of my favorites on here so that I can look back at this whenever I want to. I know that memories are going to be hard for a while, but they will also be there to make me smile when I need it. My family and the world lost a good one, but I know he’s in Heaven now ❤


This is a page from a project Papa did in high school. The quote says, “The good earth brings us directly or indirectly all the vital necessities of life. It is the farmer or the farm laborer who has the important job of producing the food and other materials so necessary for our daily life. Farming, therefore, is not to be considered solely on the basis of financial returns, but also as an opportunity to help other people.” I love the last sentence because he truly lived in a way that helped others as a farmer, electrician, husband, father, grandfather, friend, and stranger.

It doesn’t matter how many more people I meet in my life, he will always be one of the very best.


Colorado and Texas Weekends

The last weekend of Christmas break Joey came to Colorado to visit and then help me drive back. As usual, I had planned tons of stuff for us to do in a short amount of time, so the activities started as soon as we left the airport.

We went to Keystone and went tubing. Joey had never been in the mountains in Colorado in the winter, so it was fun to show him how everything worked. I heard the story about the first time he skied (and maybe the only time…) while we were on our way there. I told him we’d teach him to ski someday, but after hearing that story, I think we need to wait awhile. He borrowed winter clothes from Dad and the boys and I brought him several options of boots, gloves, hats, etc. to choose from. I was so shocked at his desire to wear Dad’s beloved Mukluk boots. I could not stop laughing at how he looked in them all day.

We drove back to Colorado Springs that night, so it was a long day of driving. We love each other’s company though, so we had a good time.

The next night, we went to the Nuggets game. It was the first one either of us had been to! I had been telling Joey for a month that I got us seats at the very top, but I actually got us seats down low.

On Saturday, we woke up early and went to the park to play basketball. I don’t know why I always agree to that because I lose every single time, but we still have a good time. We spent the rest of the day with my family. Mom wasn’t there because she was helping Kat drive to the east coast, but Dad, Theo, Jeff, and Helen were very excited to have Joey there. My WHOLE family loves him so much and I love that. They constantly ask about him and I really do think that they are more excited to see him than me most of the time, but I am just fine with that 🙂

We went to an Air Force Basketball game and then Theo and Jeff spent the afternoon with us. We went to the Manitou Springs Penny Arcade and on a sunset hike.

This is what turned into an overly competitive skeeball tournament. I love this picture because Theo and Jeff are just listening to Joey and smiling and laughing, which is what they do 100% of the time they are with him.

I was a total 4th wheel this entire day, but I still loved it.

We took so many pictures on this hike (at my request, of course) because I was hoping to get a good one, but we struggled a lot. These are the best ones we got and they aren’t that great! We had to run almost the whole way down because it was getting dark and we had to make it Helen’s soccer game.

After spending time in California over break and in Colorado where it was also nice weather, I was absolutely not ready to go back to the freezing temperatures in Nebraska. The only things that got me to go back were: that I didn’t have to drive alone and that we were going to Texas 5 days later.

We flew to San Antonio late Friday night and stayed for our 3 day weekend for MLK day. We spent most of the plane ride having conversations by reading each other’s lips. Thinking about this makes me laugh because we always find random ways to entertain ourselves.

It was in the low 60’s while we were there and everyone was wearing their winter coats except for us. The first day we were there, we walked along the River Walk, ate really good Mexican food, went to the top of the Tower of the Americas, went to Pat O’Briens, and went to the Spurs game with Cav. He is there for his training right now, so it was really fun to be able to see him.

We realized after we got back that we did not take any pictures together the entire weekend. This day was the 500th day we had been dating though, and it was so much fun. One of my favorites for sure.

We went to two NBA games in one week, so Stubhub thinks we are huge fans now.

On our second morning, we went to the Guenther House for breakfast. It was so good. We agreed that the cinnamon roll we got there was the best one either of us had ever had. The waitress brought us a to-go box to put our leftovers in, but we finished the entire thing.

After we finished eating, we walked along the river until we were downtown. We were so full that it almost hurt to walk, but it was a really nice day and very worth it.

It was a little bit cooler the second day, but I really wanted to wear my dress, so that is why I am wearing my leggings and tennis shoes with my dress…

Cav came and picked us up and he showed us around the base. He was able to show us the good restaurants he knew about, so we ate a lot of good food while we were there.

On our last day there, Joey’s Aunt who lives in San Antonio took us to Gruene. We went to lunch there and walked around in all of the shops. It was so nice out that I couldn’t stop sneezing because of my allergies.

Weekend adventures got me through January. I hope they can help me get through the rest of the cold weather and school work this semester. I miss the sunshine and I am ready for warm weather again. Texas is the 11th state we have been to together, so we can check it off the list. I am sure we will be back though 🙂

Christmas in California

Our road trip to California started with a night in Las Vegas that included Top Golf and the Cheesecake Factory. The Top Golf is in the middle of the strip and everything was lit up when we got there.

The next morning, we stopped at the Seven Magic Mountains. They are colorful rocks that are displayed off the highway outside of Las Vegas.

Jack, Owen, and Lucy thought we were arriving a few days later than we actually were, so we got to surprise them when we showed up. The boys and Helen had to pretend that they were in the mountains skiing for a couple days as an excuse not to be on FaceTime with the California cousins on our drive out. They were surprised 🙂 We spent most of our time relaxing, baking, playing cards, and enjoying the warm weather.


Kat and Walker were able to drive over from Tucson for a couple of days over Christmas ♡


For Christmas, Jack got a truck. This picture makes it look like Helen and Lucy own it though

The 5 kids did a Secret Santa… They aren’t very good at keeping secrets, so it wasn’t very hard to figure out who everyone had. Theo bought for Helen and got her these slippers as a joke (and a few other nice things)… but she has been wearing the gold slippers ever since 🙂

We went to the beach on Christmas to watch the sunset. It was so pretty and a few of the kids even went in the chilly water

Helen tried to teach Walker how to cartwheel. The picture of her ended up much better than the picture of him 🙂

This child is not related to us… he just happened to be in the perfect spot

I’m sure Helen would want to be pointed out in the background of this picture. We all got funny Christmas sweaters/shirts for Christmas, but Kat and I were the only ones who weren’t too cool to wear ours to the beach.

Before Kat and Walker had to leave, we took a couple family photos

I am just now realizing that Jeff is not smiling in this picture… there is a nice one somewhere though…

He was obviously not in the mood for nice pictures. There is also a boys picture with Walker in it and he was also offered a kiss on the cheek from Jeff

Family photos were followed by the best ice cream I’ve ever had. It was called Cookies for Santa. It’s probably good that it is seasonal, otherwise I would eat it all the time.

Theo, Jeff, Owen, and Dad took a little road trip to Phoenix to meet Kat and Walker for the Fiesta Bowl. Penn State was playing, they won, and the boys were on ESPN, so it was a good trip for them. The girls went to see Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Chris for a day and did some shopping while they were gone. New Year’s Eve was filled with a family ping pong tournament and some crazy dances.

When we left, Theo, Jeff, and Helen were so sad. They are in a sad mood for days after we leave and they started calling it “post-cousin depression” this trip. Even though we live far away from all of our extended family, I think my parents do the best job of making it feel like we live close by. The kids even said “California is only 18 hours away? We actually live so close to them… we should come here more.” An 18 hour, or most of the time more, car ride is worth it to be with family ☺️

End of 1st Semester!!

First semester this year was so busy and I pretty much did homework 99% of the time (which is why I am 4 months behind on here…), but I met the best people in my classes. I’m mostly just putting some of my favorite pictures from the fall in this post.

Kaia’s 21st Birthday!

Wedding dress shopping with Kat over Fall Break!


Hurt’s Donut 5k in Lincoln

Joey’s 21st birthday!! He is not the best at being patient, especially when it comes to food, so that explains why he is rolling his eyes that I had to take a picture

Rilee and I went to Arbor Day Farm for a day to pick apples. It was actually one of the warmest days this fall and I was way too hot in my sweater.

I am kind of obsessed with doing seasonal activities, so this was very exciting for me.

Ever since I learned that this barn existed, I wanted to take a picture of Rilee in front of it. She will probably have a mural like that on the side of her house one day. And one that says “RECYCLE”. She is leaving for Australia in February and I am so sad that she won’t be in Lincoln, but I am so excited to hear about all of the adventures she has there.

Dining Out #3

Thanksgiving break in Pennsylvania, New York, and Virginia started with a rainy Penn State game

Papa showed us the view from his “office”. We each got a turn riding in the tractor with him. We were in the same field that he worked in as a teenager. He wants a video made to the song “International Harvester” hahaha


This pretty much sums up how my mom feels about Jeff’s constant shenanigans…

On Thanksgiving, we were in Virginia 🦃 Last year I talked about how excited I was for Thanksgiving for at least 2 months, but this year I started celebrating Christmas in October, so I was very excited to set up 2 trees over break

After Thanksgiving, the last few weeks of the semester flew by. They included…

Thomas Rhett concert!

Nebraska basketball games!

Decorating my room for Christmas!


And finishing a semester of Kindergarten practicum! With my favorite practicum parter

Yay for another semester done ✔️

Kansas City

Over the summer, Joey and I decided it would be fun to spend a weekend in Kansas City together to go to a Royals game… so we did! And it was so fun! We have officially been in 10 states together. My only complaint about the weekend was that it went by too quickly.

This is a picture of Joey reading me all of the health benefits of drinking coffee because he is convinced that I am going to become a coffee drinker 🙄 It has been tempting a few times this semester…

We asked someone to take a picture of us and it really isn’t the best, but I still like it 🙂

Funny story… While we were looking at this view, the weather was perfect, but there was one gust of wind and it lifted up my whole dress and I pretty much flashed everyone in Kansas City… so that’s lovely. About 5 minutes after that, Joey climbed on one of the walls to sit on it and he got yelled at over the loud speaker by security… so we are pretty lucky they didn’t just kick us out of the city right then.

It usually takes this kid so long to agree to take a nice picture, but I’ve learned that if I offer him food or dessert, it speeds up the process 🙂

We had to walk a little farther than I expected to get to this wall, but I was determined to find it


 My first Royals game!

Insomnia Cookies=Best Place Ever

When Joey was about to take this picture, I fixed my hair and he said, “Your hair looks fine. This picture really isn’t about you anyway. It’s mostly about the cookie!” Also if it looks like I’m too excited, it’s because I was 😂


        Weekends go by too fast… especially the ones that are the most fun. It was such a fun weekend and I can’t wait to go back. Unfortunately, on Sunday morning, I woke up sick and I did not feel well the whole car ride home. I was so sad because when we went to Chicago, I got sick too. When we got back I took a nap and when I woke up I felt even worse. Joey came and brought me these cough drops, Emergen-C, a bottle of orange juice, and flowers.  It was a good reminder that people who care even when life isn’t the most fun are the people who I want to keep around because they are the ones I want to spend the fun parts with 🙂

•simple things•

I have a heart that wants to be going somewhere new or doing something exciting all the time… It’s just the way I am. There are days when I cannot focus on anything besides places I want to go and new things I want to add to my bucket list and I love that… but, I also love the people I’m with and the time I have right now to appreciate less extravagant things, so I need to work on doing that, too. I started reading the book Present Over Perfect while we were in Hawaii and I really love it. It has helped me to focus on simple things again and be genuinely amazed by them. I think I have been doing a good job because Joey says I am like a kid on Christmas morning about little things all the time these days. This post is mostly just for me, so I can see the little things I have been able to appreciate over the last month.

This picture makes me the happiest. I wish they lived closer to me so I could have them here all the time.


I guess I just really apprecate food…

 I met these three boys at the very beginning of our Freshman year… I am so grateful for each of them.

We decided it is still acceptable to spend days at the lake even after school has started 🙂

Everyone should have a roommate who makes homemade Chipotle and shares it with you. I love Chip (I’m trying to make Chip a thing, so please join me), but Sam’s honestly might be better than the real thing. She also makes the BEST pumpkin chocolate chip muffins… She is the greatest roommate and I absolutely love living with her.

I saw this picture recently and I just really loved it. I have been spending three days a week in a kindergarten classroom and it makes me wish that I could see the world the way 5 year olds do. They really believe that there is no such thing as an inconvenient time for a hug. I can always count on AT LEAST one hug everyday that I am there and they don’t let the love they have to give go to waste. They believe in “trying their best” all the time. They believe that their stories are worth sharing… even if it in the middle of a lesson. They believe in walking through the halls with their arms around each other, helping others without being asked, and they believe that everyone deserves to be treated with kindness… and we should, too. But… that’s just my opinion and like the picture says, the world will only be changed by our example, not by our opinions, so I plan on acting like a kindergartener starting now 🙂 Hopefully I will be able to tie my own shoes and not pick my nose in public though 😉


Joseph comes to CO!!

On our way home from the East coast, we picked up Joey in Lincoln and brought him home with us for a week. I pretty much spent the whole summer thinking of things for us to do while he was here, so I was SO excited to finally do all of them. The night we got home, we went to the new park that opened while we were gone and played wiffle ball 🙂

The next day, we took Theo, Jeff, and Helen to the mountains for a night of camping. I really wanted to sleep in a tent because it has been so long since I have done that, but there was a chance of rain, so we got a tiny cabin with no electricity. We spent the day laying in hammocks, fishing, and exploring a little.

Here’s our little cabin 🙂 Joey made a fire for us and we made hot dogs and s’mores. Once it got dark, we set up all our flashlights in the cabin and played cards for a few hours

While we were making dinner, it looked like there were rain clouds coming, so we were trying to get the food done quickly in case it started raining… We had a cooler with food in the trunk and we kept going in and out to get stuff and at one point, Jeff mentioned that the battery was going to die if we kept going in and out like that. We closed the trunk and before we went inside for the night, we started the car to make sure the battery was okay. It started fine, but in the morning guess what happened… the car wouldn’t start. We found someone to help us jump it and he was “an electrical engineer at a high tech firm” so he sounded like he knew what he was doing… but guess who hooked up the jumper cables wrong and blew a fuse in our car… yes, our electrical engineer friend… So, we had to go to the checkin building to use their phone and call Mom and get a tow truck. Type 2 funny…

The next day, we took tubes to Palmer Lake and laid out and floated around

After floating around for a couple hours, we were starving, so we got hot food from Safeway and took it to a different lake that was close by and had a little picnic

We went home and then left with the rest of the family to go zip-lining in Manitou Springs. The whole ride there we could see thunderstorms building and moving over the mountains, so I was convinced that we were going to get rained out, but we got a couple hours in before the lightning got close enough for them to stop us, so it was perfect!

After we were done zip-lining, they made a fire and had s’mores supplies for us. Luckily there was a tent for us to sit under too because it was pouring, but a few people (not me…) went out in the rain to roast marshmallows for us 🙂

The next morning, I took Joey to Over Easy for breakfast and I think it is his new favorite breakfast place, too 🙂

In the afternoon, we went to Denver with my family for a Rockies game

After the game, we went met Aunt Jane and Jack for dinner at Cinzetti’s before they went to Fort Collins for Jack’s football camp

The next morning, Joey and I woke up really early and drove to hike to Devil’s Head Fire Lookout. When we got there, we were the only car in the parking area, so we had the whole trail to ourselves. It was a fun hike because the trail only gives you small glimpses of the view, but when you get to the end, there is a staircase to the lookout and you really can’t see the full view until you get to the top.

We saw on a sign that on a clear day, you can see 100 miles in every direction… that same sign also said there had been recent mountain lion activity in the area, so that was really comforting for me…

This is the only fire lookout that is still used in the state. At the bottom of the steps, there is a cabin that an 84 year old man lives in full-time and uses the lookout to check for fires.

We were glad we got up so early to go because even though there is nothing that could make this view unimpressive, it wouldn’t have been the same if we had to share it with a lot of other people. Also I think it should be a rule that if you grew up in Colorado, you should be automatically used to the altitude for the rest of your life… Joey thinks they should provide visitors with oxygen masks…

That night we went to the El Paso County fair and rodeo. This was Joey’s first rodeo and I honestly think watching his reactions was more entertaining than the actual rodeo…

Our favorite thing to say when we’re together is “THIS IS SO FUN!!” and this week was no different. I love all of the fun adventures we have, but I also love how we are able to make unfortunate circumstances, like being stuck in the mountains with no car and no phone service, or simple things, like playing games, fun. I can’t wait for our next our next adventures 🙂



August → June in Pictures



Sorry to the stranger whose child this is, but he just looks too cute looking at Memorial Stadium





Thanks to Taylor and the Skram family for Fall Break in Kansas


Joey would hate that this picture is on here, but he probably won’t ever know and I like it 🙂



First year living together ✓




Fake Patty’s Day at Kstate thanks to Taylor and friends





Spring Training in Arizona


Eric Church concert!!!


Easter at Notre Dame


Weekend in Chicago (while I was still smiling through the mono…)



Kat is officially a Notre Dame grad and 2nd Lieutenant in the Air Force!!





Rilee and her sister came for a short visit



We just moved Kat to Tucson and they have these “be kind” reminders all around the city. Be kind. It’s not that hard.


Outdoor Adventuring Part 2

Last week, Hannah, Kira, Josh, Michael, and I went on our annual sunrise hike! When we got to the top of Eagle’s Peak, I was speechless for two reasons:

1. Because I had the worst cramp ever the entire way up. I felt like I was about to go into labor and give birth to a child. I don’t know what that feels like, but if I had to guess, that would be it… Kira was also having some struggles on the way up. We are not exactly sure what was wrong with her, but she is convinced that she died on the way up and is now living her second life

2. I have never seen a more amazing view in my life. Everything was glowing from the sunrise and it was absolutely beautiful. It was worth every minute of sleep we missed and every bit of pain I was in. That view had me speechless

If you ever want to have the best time of your life, take your four best friends, homemade muffins, a bottle of orange juice, and a speaker for country music (obviously), and hike a mountain at 3:30 in the morning. I promise you won’t regret it.


I could’ve stayed on top of that mountain forever. I would never get sick of it. Never.


Or the view. Or the people. I miss getting to see the mountains and their faces everyday.


I will get up at 3:30 in the morning every day for the rest of my life if I am guaranteed to have a day as perfect as this one was.

I got to go to my first W-League game of the year and one of my best friends, Beth, is on the team this year. She’s a stud. I have loved seeing her become so successful and happy. Plus it’s pretty cool having a famous friend and a reason to make obnoxious signs for the games 🙂


Not our best picture (also not our worst), but we had to wait five hours for a rain delay, so please give us a break.

Before I left to go out of town for the summer, I got to have lunch with my neighbor, Caroline. We have been neighbors and friends for ELEVEN years now! She is one of the sweetest, most hilarious people I know. Every time I leave from hanging out with her, my cheeks hurt from laughing and smiling. No joke.


I do realize that this doesn’t fit with the Outdoor Adventures title, but we did sit in the “outside” area at Panera, so it counts.

Total sidenote: Long story, but sometimes my friends tell me that I’m a boy… I saw a quiz on Facebook called “How Girly Are You?”, so naturally, I took it… because I was hoping that by taking an online quiz, I could prove my friends wrong… unfortunately, my result was “You’re basically one of the guys”. I guess there’s room for improvement, so at least I have that going for me, but I’m also low-key offended and I just felt like I needed to share that.

I have loved getting to see all of my friends from home this summer, and I have loved being home for the last month, but by the time I write my next post, I won’t be in Colorado anymore! Time flies.


First Blog Post…

This is my first blog post (in case you didn’t catch that in the title), so I guess this means I am officially a blogger… I’ve always said that a reality TV show could be made to document my life, but for now a blog will have to do! If you’ve spent any amount of time with me, you probably know that my life is almost always hectic, things hardly ever go the way I plan them, and I pretty much think that every second of it is hilarious. From crazy adventures with my friends, to traveling with my family, to my regular everyday life, I don’t want to forget any of it. This blog is going to be the place I come back to in the future to read about my best life experiences and all of the lovely people who have been a part of them. So… If you ever want to read about what is going on in my life or about any of the random thoughts that I have, this is the place to come. I hope you are as excited to read about my adventures as I am to share them… Thanks for reading!

– Sarah